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 Decomposer Lab


 Rat Dissection


 Extracting DNA from Chicken Liver


 Cancer Spreads


 Simulating Membrane Characteristics via Bubbles


 Mammalian Dissection


 Simulating Monohybrid Punnett’s Squares


 9-Page Cancer Spreads


 TerrAqua Ecology Columns


 Fungi Decomposer Lab


 Evolutionary Cladograms and Trees Activity


 DNA Extraction from Chicken Liver




 Fungi Decomposer Lab


 Using a Microscope


 Mammal Dissection


 DNA Extraction Lab from Chicken Liver


 Terra-Aqua Ecology Column Lab


 Darwin’s Finches Lab on Evolution


 Using a Microscope


 Rat Dissection


 Eco-Columns Activity


 Fossil Field Trip


 Making Cents of Radiometric Decay for Evolution


 Using the Compound Microscope Lab


 Rat Dissection


 Eco-Columns Lab


 Compound Microscope Lab





Specific Online Lab Activities

for General Biology


Pre-Test and/or Post-Test Evaluation

(by assignment only)


Protein Synthesis Race Online Game


Scitable: “Collaborative Learning Space for Science”


Hippocampus: Digital Media Tutorials

Virtual Microscope

Cell Biology Animation


My Story Maker