Tissue Trek Web-Quest

A Voyage into the Human Body


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You and Your Team are Responsible for Viewing and Reading the Entire Page and All Links


Since the ability of miniaturization was perfected, new and unexplored

areas in science were being researched at a greater

level than ever thought 118 years ago.

And so begins our story…

It was to be a routine trip to help digitally map tissues and organs of the human body, surgically cure any abnormalities found, and report any unknown anatomical or physiological features never seen at this microscopic level. However, the trip turned into an adventure as well as a biological opportunity.

It is still unknown what really happened and why the microscopic body craft, named "Histology I" began to have problems just half way through the ship’s journey, but the fact remains that the ship’s crew, was in trouble deep below and within tissue layers of a human body.

Encountering 4 main types of tissues: Connective, Muscle, Nerve, and Epithelial meant that the crew had to investigate, understand, and appreciate the anatomical and physiological complexities of human histology, a goal agreed upon by all the members.

Unfortunately, the Histology I’s communication radio was broken except for the emergency distress beacon. The only functional systems that were on board included a data computer, life support, various tools, food replicator, and minimal impulse engines.

Somehow, the crew has to surface safely, since miniaturization only last for 206 minutes, to prevent killing themselves as well as harming the innocent human in which they are traveling in.

This story is about a group of highly intelligent, good-looking and adventurous people on their “Trek” through human tissues and a quest to save their patient and themselves from a…

"Tissue Trek Tragedy"!!!


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The Task

     You and your team are to return to the surface after your ordeal alive. Once on the surface and re-miniaturized, you have been invited to make a presentation in the form a dramatization Video about what went wrong, how you cured any tissues, what you learned about each of the five tissues mentioned previously, and what procedures you use to survive. Detailed information about your trip in the form of a digital Portfolio is required. A non-formal presentation may also be required by each group member.


Mission Control Video: Classified Top Secret

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The Process

1. Each team member is to choose one of the following characters:

·        Medical Supervisor:

     Responsible for all medical, biological, and chemical concerns with the human body. Called upon in the event of an emergency, curing a disease, or to provide biological knowledge.

·        Mission Counselor:

     Responsible for any information and support about the emotional and concerning the crew. Called up in the event of a breakdown, need for advice or to provide care during the trip.

·        Crew Engineer:

     Responsible for biological, electronic and/or mechanic devices that are used by the team. Called upon to know about surgical tools, the working system of the sub, or technical issues.

·        Security Officer:

     Responsible for maintaining order and logistic decisions for the team. Called upon to help solve any mysteries that develop during the trip; required to know a little about “everything”.

·        Other:

     If the group deems it necessary to have another member title or character on the team. This is the future, so feel free to use your imagination. (Must clear with mission control first)


2. Each group will receive a briefing on histology prior to the trip (lecture). During, after, and/or before the catastrophe, the team is required to go on a "downloading/surfing" expedition via computer to learn and gather facts about the main types of tissues (some time will be given in class; but the majority of the time will be outside of class). Each team member is to take their research and apply the information to their character`s role and story. Be sure to agree and learn as a group about all the information so each has some idea about the topic(s) and gather and save resources as you go.

·        Try to gather as many facts (not theories) as you can about how "your" character and how they would react to being inside the human body.

·        The goal would be to gather 3-5 facts per character with a list of creditable references.

·        Feel free to use other resources related to the online information such as related links to your specific topic.

·        No resources/references are to be used for this assignment in the form of any non-online material. However, these resources may be used as supplementary materials to help understand information related to histology and/or your character. Technically, everything is to be internet based.  As long as the resource/reference is on the web, they can be used; this would include your online textbook.

·        Full references of your research are required.  Do not use social references (ie. Google or Wikipedia) or verbal references. Use the following link to help create your references:  APA Referencing Online

·        See resource links below under “the Resources”


3. From the information gathered, develop a “Tissue Trek” presentation by following the listed guidelines:


All information that pertained to the project is to be placed in a shared digital folder; aka portfolio:

·        Include names, “all” references, sketches, brainstorming, research, outlines, scripts, photos, or any other items that pertained to your video. Since this is to be all digital, you may have to scan items in order to place them in your folder for review.

·        Include typed items that should be overlooked or ignored within the video (bloopers). These items will then not be held against you and/or your group. You may be prudent to print a copy to be given prior to the presentation date.

·        Include any concerns or problems that need to be addressed prior to grading that may involve a group member not co-operating or problems with technology, etc… You may be prudent to print a copy to be given prior to the presentation date.


Project should be well managed and rehearsed, educational yet creative, and properly videoed in the areas of grammar, technology, professionalism, and censorship:

·        A total of 10-20 minutes (25+ minutes points may be deducted) for the quality video is required. 

·        Be highly aware especially to sound and lighting.  If either one of these key areas are lacking, a dramatic decrease in your grade may occur.

·        At least 3-5 facts (not theories) are needed in the video about how "each" field and/or character would relate to the mission and histology in the human body. Reminder: full references are required and are to be placed in the portfolio.  See: APA Referencing Online

·        Include as many manipulatives needed to go along with the story such as props, illustrations, animation, drawings, etc...

·        You may use "stand-in`s" (other people) with your video.

·        Stay focused on the requirements of the assignment.

·        Each member of the team needs to have about equal time on the video. Having a separate person (not on the team) to run and/or direct the video is high suggested.  If someone is camera shy, then their voice needs to be heard.

·        The video may be filmed with real characters (yourselves), inanimate objects (toys/dolls/action figures) and/or stop motion clay / computer generated illustrations.

·        Safety is to be highly stressed (ie. no fire, no explosions, no dangerous stunts, and/or no guns/knives/arrows of any kind (exception is water/nerf/toy/props). Use common sense! Check with mission control is unsure.

·        Having credits before or after the video is optional.

·        No character (stand-ins are fine) is to die or get killed (an injury is fine) in the video.

·        Video may be placed on a shared drive, flash drive, or storage card as a media file; or physical brought in as a camera.  Please make your intentions known a few days before the assignment is due. It is suggested that you test your format outside of class to verify that it works.  You may want to have a video file backup.  It would be best and highly suggested to place video file in designated fold on school server (computer).


Give a “de-briefing” in front of a group of scientists, family members, and reporters (in other words the class). This may be performed prior to the video being shown.

Suggestions to focus on:

·        How did you decide what to do during your encounters?

·        What problems did you encounter on the trip as a group?

·        What good things came out of the trip as a group?

·        How did knowing about tissues prior to the assignment help you make it to achieve your goals?


The Resources

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"You May Wish to Follow Related Links"


Online Dictionary

Online Encyclopedia


Suggest Sites for Resources

(Note: Sites May Have Resources, Too)


 Anatomy Resources

Surgical Tools



Biomedical Engineering

Help Guide

How a Sub Works

 Inner Body



See Classroom Website

Search Link and Online Resources


If Necessary, Activate Your Local On-Board “Holographic” Librarian

(Meaning, Physically Visit an Area Library and Ask for Help)

Wells County Public Library


Referencing Your Facts

APA Referencing Online



Citation and Reference Help

Create a document file to copy/paste all facts that you find

Using the Citation Machine, create an APA Reference

Place as much information as you can on the Citation Machine webpage for APA

If no first / last name authors then do not use; if no date then use current date

After clicking “create citation”, copy / paste to document file

Place document file (with others in your group) in your portfolio folder




Various Online Anatomy/Physiology Videos and Tools

(Used for Science and Biology Students Post High School)




The Idea of this Web Quest was Inspired by Star Trek and

the Classic Movie, “the Fantastic Voyage”, 1966



Fantastic Voyage Classic Movie Trailer

(May Wish to Rent/Buy/or Stream Full Video and/or Ask for the Class Video if Not Watched in Class)


Star Trek Cartoon

(More Classic Episodes on YouTube)


Fantastic Voyage Cartoon

(More Classic Episodes on YouTube)




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The Evaluation

Project DUE: TBA 


(10% Off Grade If Late)



For a Collaboration “Rubric"

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(Grade Differences May Be Subject to Individual/Group Situations)



For a Project Help Guide

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The Conclusion

     During this scientific exploration and experience share, what you will learn with each other; it is an essential part of scientific inquiry. It will be fine to have some disagreements and debates, just remember to be flexible and willing to do your part. Try to put as much effort into the project as you can, be imaginative, ask questions, and participate to the fullest of your ability. In the science of biology, these issues face scientist and people every day!


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