“Tissue Trek” Web Quest Project Help Sheet


(Feel free to print this page)


     To help you along, read, discuss, and answer the following questions and/or ideas with your group. Remember, the major goal of this project is about how well you and your group can put together an educational portfolio and accurate video in a cooperative and resourceful way.  


Answer the following questions/statements as a (check list) for how well your group is doing:


_        Has everyone read the Web Quest and understand the assignment?

_        What character is everyone going to be?

_        Does everyone understand what a tissue is?

_        Can everyone define the tissues assigned in detail at the cellular and molecular level?

_        Has everyone written the required background information pertaining to their character?

_        Does everyone have full references for the background information?

_        Do we have a basic outline or script for the video to be placed in the portfolio?

_        What materials/costumes/special effects do we need?

_        Do we have to make special arrangements at school (ie the use of a room or video editing)?

_        When are we going to shoot the video?

_        Do we have a (rain) date for shooting the video?

_        Where are we going to shoot the video?

_        Do we need to send out a beacon (email to Mr. Butler) from the Webquest?

_        What other people are going to help with making the video?

_        Does everyone understand about required research, information, etc… for the portfolio?

_        Do we have the right video format (ie. properly burnt DVD, CDROM, flash-drive, etc.) and do we need to check to make sure it works with Mr. Butler?

_        Have we checked the rubric to ensure we did everything?

_        Is there anything extra we can do to help promote the project?

_         Did we or are we have a good time?