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When Time Permits, (Some) Students Like to Take Them Out for a

Walk Others Do Not Mind When It Is Feeding Time



Saharan Uromastyx or Spiny-Tailed Lizard “Lizzy”

Born ~2014; Female






Uromastyx are a genus of lizard in the agamid family, the same

family that includes bearded dragons and frilled dragons, clown

agamas and many other familiar lizards. There are at least 18

different species of uromastyx officially recognized by

taxonomists, and many more subspecies and varieties.

The common name spiny-tail, or spiny-tailed agamid, comes

from the 10 to 30 rings of spiked scales covering the top side

of their tail. They are also sometimes called dabb lizards,

or mastiguires, but they are usually just referred to as “uros.”

Uromastyx lizards inhabit a discontinuous range stretching

through most of North Africa, the Middle East and across

south-central Asia to the Indian subcontinent. This area, entirely

north of the equator, spreads across 5,000 miles and 30 countries. These

lizards occur at elevations ranging from sea level to more than 3,000 feet.



Sinaloan Milk Snake “Coral”

Born ~2006; Male





Many different subspecies of milk snakes are found from southern Canada, throughout

the United States and Mexico and into northern South America. Milk snakes occur in

a wide variety of habitats including: wood lots, prairies, fields, oak scrub lands,

and semi-arid regions. Milk snakes are medium sized snakes. Hatchlings are typically

between 23 and 36 cm, while adults range in length from 2.5-6 feet. This species docile and

shy snakes. They rarely attempt to bite. Milk snakes live to be between 10 and 15 years

old in captivity. Hatchlings and juveniles - pink/fuzzy mice, hopper mice, and pink/fuzzy

rats every 4-7 days; Adults - large rodents such as adult mice or small rats every 9-14 days.

Milk snakes typically reach sexual maturity at 2 years of age and can produce two

clutches per year in a captive environment. However, we do not recommend double

clutching because it is not natural and can be detrimental if repeated over several years.

Mating season is between the months of March and June. Typically, the eggs take

between 47-84 days to incubate with the average being 60 days at a temperature of

28oC (82oF). Note: A winter cooling period is a must if you intend to breed these animals.



Snow Corn Snake “Blizzard”

Born in 2005; Male





The Snow Corn Snake or Complete Albino Corn Snake will grow to the same

size as a normal corn snake which is between three and five feet. They are a heavier

bodied snake than the garter snake or the kingsnake, though their length is about the same.
As an albino they have striking, ruby-red eyes. Their body coloring is a pale pinkish-white

with a pinkish-white belly. They have no black or colored pigmentation and no pattern or only a

ghost hint of a pattern. The pinkish coloration comes from their blood.

Like all corn snakes, their scales are lightly keeled.




Description: Description: C:\Testarea\pbsnake3.gif






In Tribute to Mr. Butler’s 1st Snake


Mr Kernel, Albino Corn Snake”

Raised for ~18 Years

Died 2010