Vascular Seed Plant Lab, 2019


  1. Develop a proper “title page”: Title, Name, Affiliation, Date, Page Header* and Page Number* (* = on every page); Note: Title Page is Not to be Bold in accordance to APA.


  1. Develop a purpose”, a “goal”, and a list of (3) “objectives” in which to build and formulate an “Abstract” block style paragraph of 150-250 words. Additional information and/or summary about the lab’s content should/can be added to supplement this paragraph. Note: The word Abstract is Not to be Bold in accordance to APA. Lastly, add 2-3 Keywords that best describes your lab topic/subject properly titled.


  1. Develop and state a “problem question” in which you can test the development of seeds under a controlled experiment. Research and correctly cite “background” information (APA 2 Level Version) on all aspects of your question (seeds, growing conditions, the experiment, plant growth and development, plant physiology, etc…) in order to have substantiated facts about your experiment. Only after the research has been completed, develop and state a “hypothesis” for your experiment. All of these components are to be used in the “Introduction” section/paragraphs of the lab.


  1. Develop the “Method” (centered title) that includes “Apparatus” and “Procedure”:


·         Create the “Apparatus” (flush left title) section (can be modified during lab; however, revised afterwards) needed for the experiment (seeds will be provided).  Ask for any special materials that might be needed for your lab.


·         Device the “Procedure” (flush left title) section (can be modified during lab; however, revised afterwards) for creating your lab (i.e. seed preparation, plant care, transplanting, etc…).


  1. Develop a “Results” (centered title) paragraph(s) that discusses major data recorded from your lab that is only relevant to your hypothesis. This section is based on recorded “observations”, of your experiment.  Include qualitative (wordage) and quantitative (numbers) analysis and a reference to a figure (diagram) depicting your data or some variation of your data.


  1. Develop a proper “Conclusion” (center title) using the specific parts of a proper “ending”: restate problem question, restate the hypothesis, tell if hypothesis is supported or refuted; if

            refuted, tell why, unforeseen event(s), improvement(s), and spring board question


  1. Develop a “Reference” (center title) page based on the research gathered and at least (3) different research formats. Number of recommended references: 5+ (See handout on how to reference your background; cite referenced in background via APA format).  Note: The word Reference is Not to be Bold in accordance to APA.


  1. Develop a “Figure Page” (no title) depicting your data as a “graph”, “chart”, or “picture” and include a “Figure caption” to go with the diagram.  Be sure to “cite” the figure in the “Results” section.  ie. (see Figure 1); may include a citation in Introduction if not data related; however, it is required to have a data related illustration. 


















If you wish to build a “greenhouse” – Supplies will be provided.










Vascular APA Lab Report Rubric


      Possible Points












Title Page


Title Only

















No abstract and/or very little summary, purpose, methods

Very brief summary given; but no purpose or methods; block

Brief summary;

purpose for lab methods;

block style, 120+


purpose / goal / and objectives

block, 150-250



Introduction: Problem

Does not address an issue related to the topic

Address a topic issue which is unrelated to the research

Addresses an issue somewhat related to research

Realistic issue directly related to research; question format



Introduction: Research

Does not answer any questions suggest in the lab; limited facts

Answers some questions; few facts and information

Answers problem; but could use more facts/information

Answers problem / factual, proper citations, proper headers used



Introduction: Hypothesis

Not testable and is in a question form

An educated guess without much testability

A fair testable statement; poorly


A specific statement that can be tested




Method: Apparatus


No or very little materials given;

no quantity

no metric                                

Not enough materials listed and little quantity of items given

Most materials listed and with quantity of items;

metric used

All materials used-listed and quantity given;

metric used



Method: Procedure


Not sequential, most steps are missing or are confusing

Some of the steps understandable; most are confusing

Most of the steps understandable; some lack detail or are confusing

Complete and detailed sentences; correct tense


Results: Paragraph(s)

(linked to Results: Graphic)

Very little data collected and used correctly to formulate results

Somewhat qualitative, quantitative, or pictorial cited

Fairly qualitative,

quantitative, or pictorial cited

Qualitative, quantitative, pictorial cited

Statistics used





No or poor examination, interpreting, or qualifying of lab

Four of the five main items mentioned

Done fairly

Five of the six main items mentioned

Done well

Six of the six main items addressed

Done correctly





No or very little references and/or mention of references given

Few references given and/or poorly written for APA

Some required APA references or number of references shown

Complete APA references according to lab guidelines



Figure Page

(linked to Results: Paragraph)

Poor graph and/or graph missing information

Fair use or development of a graph

Caption included

Done correctly;

evaluation of results fine

Caption included

Graph(s) helped to explain your sufficient results

Caption included



Grammar, Spelling, and Alignment

Very frequent grammar and /or spelling errors;


Two or more errors with gram-mar/spelling;

Some pronouns

One or two errors with grammar and/or spelling;

Few pronouns

All grammar and spelling are correct, all DS;

No pronouns



Organized and Clean


No organization


Area in lab not clean

Poor organization of lab and area not too clean

Fairly organized; however, area was kept clean and neat

Well organized  

Area clean and neatly taken care of





Total disregard and waste of class time for lab creation

Many delays in getting research, gathering items, and being on task

Some delay in getting research, materials, and creating steps

Research, materials, and steps on task


Overall Understanding of Assignment



Coverage and/or




Coverage and/or




Coverage and/or




Coverage and/or