Marshmallow Molecular Models


Apparatus: (per group)


Bag of Small Marshmallows (atoms)          

Box of Toothpicks (bonds) / Note: break toothpicks for shorter bonds; one toothpick per 2 atoms

(2) Wide Tipped Color Markers (label common/general atoms)

(1) Fine Tipped Black Marker (label more detailed atoms/molecules)




1.      Create a series of well thought out questions for each section that you must also answer. Try not to use any pass questioning from lecture, text, and/or study guides.

2.      Follow the directions for creating a molecule for each of the following topics including Hydrocarbons, Alcohols, and Lipids. Use resources, ie Picture Packet from GD to help.

3.      After completing a section/topic, ask to be checked prior to moving on to the next section/topic. Feel free to recycle/reuse marshmallow atoms for the next set of molecules.

4.      Refrain from making your area a mess by cleaning up your area and being responsible for discarding any trash.

5.      Make a mental note (or write it down) which wide tipped colors will be Carbon and Oxygen.  Hydrogen will be represented as “white”; thus, no color is needed.  Note: The fine tipped black marker will be used in Section 3-H.